About Us

Provide Hardware & Electronic System Design & Testing Services, and Low-Cost Engineering Resources from Vietnam for the Electronics Industry World Wide


  • Schematic Capture, Board Layout & Hardware Bring Up
  • Schematic + Board Layout Review Services
  • BOM Review/Verification & Optimization for Low-Cost Designs
  • Power Integrity, Thermal & High-Speed Signal Simulation
  • Prototype Build Management


  • Provide/Develop Custom Diagnostic Suites based on Linux
  • Scripting & Automation
  • Power-On Self Testing & Built-In Self Testing


  • Board Support Package (BSP) for Linux Embedded Operating System
  • Opensource-Based Base Root File System
  • Boot Loader: U-Boot
  • Linux Kernel Driver for Standard & Custom Development Boards
  • Software QA
  • Mobile Apps: IOS, Android, Window